Health And Wellbeing

With a range of screening tools, our team at Goodlife Physiotherapy will be able to advise you on the best programs and corrective exercises to sit straighter, run faster and lift heavier.

Health And Wellbeing

We all want to perform at our best and when we have an injury or pain, it sets us back.  The team here at Goodlife Physiotherapy are dedicated at ensuring that you work and train with the best biomechanics and minimal risk of injury allowing you to achieve peak performance, and thus improve your health and wellbeing. Physiotherapists are not only experts in treating and managing injuries, but also have vast knowledge in

  • preventing injuries
  • maximising performance, and
  • correcting posture.

The team at Goodlife Physiotherapy are also trained to perform Musculoskeletal Screening Tests for Gippsland Sports Academy & screening assessments for Pre-Employment tests, for mining and labour hire.

Tools used by our physiotherapists:Health And Wellbeing

  • Workplace Injury Prevention Screening Tool (individualised to each workplace with onsite assessment offered)
  • Pelvic and Hip Control Assessment
  • Foot Posture and Positioning Assessment
  • Strength and Conditioning Programs (Sport Specific)
  • Clinical Pilates Assessment (please visit our Clinical Pilates page for more details)

Our Physiotherapists specialise in warm up, cool down and strength and conditioning programs. With experience in a number of local football clubs and affiliation with local gyms, our physiotherapists have the contacts, resources and knowledge to allow you to be the best you can be.