Patient Resources

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Private Health Insurance

HCF is Goodlife Physiotherapy’s preferred provider – all HCF members get 1 free Physio treatment per year under the “More for Muscles program”.

All of the above providers are able to be claimed on the day through the HICAPS machine & only the gap is charged.

Common Injuries & Our Advice

Low Back Pain: 

Rest and avoid aggravating activities – often bending, lifting and sitting in low couches. Do do the things that make it feel better. Come in for an assessment and we can decide if images (X-rays or CT’s) are needed. If it is a re-occurring injury you may need a maintenance and strengthening program like our Clinical Pilates program.

Neck Pain: 

Woken with neck pain? Heat is often a good way to relax the muscles and regain some movement. However, if you are still restricted, some gentle massage and mobilisation may be a beneficial treatment we can offer.

Does your pillow cause your neck to be sore? You may need a more supportive pillow. We can assess you and recommend a correct kind of pillow.

Neck ache after long hours at the computer? Headaches at the end of the day? It may be your posture or work setup. Let us assess you and provide you with information to correctly set up your desk.

Sore Feet: 

Make sure your footwear is correct. Your shoes should have arch support and be comfortable to wear. Often feet issues can be relieved by taping, or a more long-term solution may be a trial of off-the-shelf orthotics. We can also refer you to an expert Podiatrist who can mold for custom orthotics if required.

Acute Injuries of the Knee: 

Rest Ice Compression and Elevate.

If you are unable to bear weight, use the kind of crutches that usually available for hire from chemists, or from local medical clinics. If you knee is swollen and painful, you will need an assessment to assess the structural integrity of your knee (whilst making sure all your ligaments are intact).

Call now and we can advise you on best management from this point forward.