A Physio’s ‘Mum to be’ perspective


                                                                             32.5 weeks!!

Third trimester- 28- 32 weeks

Homestretch of pregnancy!! Really!! Oh wow, this pregnancy felt never ending but seems we are now looking to the end which is both scary “get your sleep now” and exciting.

Physically I still feel great- most of the time. Each day is a little different, I feel no worse running and keep thinking this is my last run, then I go again the following week. I am 14 minutes slower and yet still get hot and my heart rate elevates. I did my last park run at 31 weeks, I get some pelvic pain and I felt my tummy moving too much, I am really happy with making it past 30 weeks running, my goals now are to stay strong through my hips to help my return post baby.

Our little baby is constantly moving. One night I was half awake and the baby had hiccups and was kicking at the same time, I started to wonder “is there a point where there is too much movement and how do i know that?” I wasn’t in pain and with no bleeding I calmed my crazy brain down & went back to sleep.

Mood swings and short fuses are definitely apparent. I have been known to be quite black and white and upfront with my opinions. Well pregnancy – 3rd trimester – has amplified this. Quite funny to watch I imagine, but I do feel sorry for the innocent in my firing line.

Sitting is less enjoyable with less space especially in the car.

We had a great babymoon in Noosa for 6 days. We walked the hills every day and I puffed like a 80 year old with a lung condition. It was a lovely get away, which we both vow will continue to happen post baby. In some form anyway.

I have to thank my wonderful husband who is rubbing my back, tying my shoelaces and a constant source of reason and encouragement. It is funny he has started to complain of heartburn and is stealing my quickeze! Mimicking my symptoms I think! I have struggled with body image but he is constantly reassuring me that I look great which gets me through, as each day my tummy gets bigger and less clothes fit. I can now actually see the finish line and have started to think about post delivery goals. These include some sneaky online shopping for myself for clothes I want to get back into.

Work will finish in the next 3 weeks – treating patients anyway, I will try admin to keep from baby brain totally taking over.

Officially over 3/4 through!! 32wks!!! To be continued….


                                                                                                25 weeks

25-28 Weeks

My second midwife appointment is approaching as well as the fasting blood glucose test to check for pregnancy diabetes- fingers crossed nothing shows up. With all the chocolate that is being consumed, I am a bit nervous so I have eaten veggies for breakfast and lunch today- surely that will help! Haha.

My husband keeps telling me I also have pregnancy brain. It is just his way of teasing me. I am actually quite energetic and motivated to get stuff done before trimester 3 fatigue sets in again (which starts at week 26).

My ovia app tells me I am on the “homestretch of pregnancy”. Really!! Nearly third trimester, oh wow. This pregnancy felt never ending but seems we are now looking to the end is both scary “get your sleep now” and exciting.

20-24 Weeks
21 weeks my partner felt kicks from the outside! This was a really exciting time for him to feel a part of the journey. New symptoms- reflux! Yuck. Quick eze has been great as my job involves a lot of bending down to get things off the floor I need a quick fix.  I am still running although I have to actively tell myself I have a strong pelvic floor and don’t need to go to the toilet. I am trialing a small brace for my hips and abdominal support for this weekend’s Park Run, I have a good feeling this will be what keeps me running. I have also started back at Spin (bike class) and yoga. We swim weekly aswell. Being active is what is keeping me sane and level weight wise because there is definately too much chocolate being fed to my little one at the moment!

We are also starting to get the babies room ready, well we have moved a bed and put the furniture given to us in it and that is about it, all good starts though. Next job is to find an awesome running pram- so both me and my husband can be active with our baby next year- gotta involve dad!

20 Weeks
My tummy is starting to really pop out! I’ve gone up a size in pants & bra again, everyone has advice- mostly useful! The biggest thing I’ve noticed is the “flutters” back flips, rolls of our little one. Unfortunately my partner cant feel it yet. I have to actively relax my tummy as it starts to stretch after meals especially…
20 week scan – done! My advice don’t drink too much prior to scan- 500 ml should be enough, especially if they make you wait longer than your appointment time!
I read some great advice that I’m going to follow: buy second hand where possible and save your money for things post delivery like swimming lessons, gymbaroo ect.

12-16 Weeks
Ok at 14 weeks my abs felt weak and I chose to stop sit ups – core exercises are great but not a traditional sit up to avoid DRAM (spilt abdominals), its also good to roll on your side before getting up from a lying position. Also start to watch how you feel lying flat on your back from 16 weeks (due to uterine pressure on your major vein) a pillow under your right hip will reduce this.

At 16 weeks I am still running but it is not the same (I am slower as my HR increases at a lower intensity, & general lower abdominal pressure) I was a runner and have a good pelvic floor I will keep running until it doesn’t feel right & that’s the general guideline- if you were already doing it you can continue as long as it feels right (& no pregnancy complications).

The journey begins


An exciting time ahead 9 months of getting fat & not drinking alcohol!!…. Just joking!…We are truly blessed & excited to announce that we are expecting a baby in January 2017!

Now, I have studied Women’s Health Physiotherapy & thought I knew the ins & outs of pregnancy….Until I fell pregnant. I want to share my experience with a Physiotherapy background.

0-12 wks
Wow, within 1 week of finding out I was pregnant  (at 5 wks) I needed a bigger bra! They were heavy & sore. My advice, invest in the best sports bra & keep running!!
Another shock was toilet frequency. This is normal (as long as you are cleared for a UTI) so start your pelvic floor exercises, & keep exercising!!

Guidelines for exercise:
Sadly my GP and Ultrasonographer & Obstetrician were not encouraging of my exercise! I had to bite my tongue, as I know my body and the great benefits of continuing to exercise through your pregnancy if you are able to!

Exercise guidelines:

All being well with your pregnancy:
Watch your intensity – exercise at a moderate intensity if you are already regularly exercising at that intensity. One that you can still talk while exercising.
Keep body temperature cool
Watch end of range stretching
Do what feels right: gentle cardio- bike, swim, walk/jog, weights- body weight or light weights that do not over strain your abdominals.

A great reference: Sports Medicine Australia: Position Statement, Exercise in Pregnancy and the Postpartum period, 2016.