Courtney Hellings – Hypnobirthing Classes

The Positive Birth Place empowers expecting mothers and their birth partners to approach their birthing journey with confidence.

Courtney Hellings is a Childbirth Educator and Certified Hypnobirthing Practitioner. Working with parents to provide knowledge and understanding of the practical side of birth. Discussing in detail how incredible and perfectly capable a woman’s body is to birth naturally with minimal medical interventions.  We provide support and resources on where and how to get the help and information you need for your birthing journey. Delivering an understanding of the labour process and the way the birthing body works, so that you can feel empowered by your choices.

This 4-week program gives parents the knowledge, tools, support, and preparation to reduce the fear of birth and approach labour with confidence. The program is comprehensive and covers just about all aspects of labour and birth, including the deep relaxation techniques of hypnobirthing.

Labour and birth are like a marathon, and like any major physical activity, physical and mental preparation is key in endurance and achieving your desired results. The Positive Birth Place will help to prepare you and your chosen birth partner for a positive birth experience.

Classes are held in Traralgon at the Goodlife Physiotherapy clinic. For more information, please visit or email