Cancer Rehabilitation

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Courtney is accredited through Pinc & Steel and registered as a PINC Cancer Rehabilitation Physiotherapist. This specialized training means that she is able to support, guide and rehabilitate Women through every stage of their oncology treatment and recovery.

There is strong evidence illustrating the importance of exercise in recovery from cancer. A recent systematic review investigating the impact of exercise on the prognosis and wellbeing of people with cancer found that; greater levels of exercise after cancer is associated with a reduction in cancer related death by up to 50% and that exercise may also reduce the risk of cancer recurrence by up to 35%.

Despite the reported benefits, the majority of cancer survivors are not meeting public health guidelines. This is where cancer rehabilitation therapists, like Courtney, can make a real difference. Courtney will ensure to look at the wellbeing of the whole person and that they achieve their short, long-term and futuristic goals. An example of what Courtney can provide includes:

  • Education and advice through each stage of treatment
  • Coordinate rehabilitation goals to maximize their recovery
  • Cancer-specific and patient-tailored safe exercise programs.
  • Assist in improving overall strength and mobility to minimize the side effects of cancer treatment.
  • Provide manual lymphatic drainage techniques.
  • Increase energy levels and improve breathing.
  • Strengthen core muscles and improve posture.
  • Reclaim confidence and control, shift focus from illness to wellness!