Telehealth – Online Physio

We are happy to offer an online video consulation. There is good evidence to show this is an effective way of managing injuries. We use a secure platform to deliver this service. There is no download, just a link emailed to you that you open on your phone or computer.

We begin the same high quality in depth examination where we gather information about your injury, and with our clinical expertise we can make a diagnosis and advise you on how long it should take to imporve.

We will provide you with an explanation of your diagnosis, things you can do to improve your function, manage your pain and get stronger. We use an electronic program called Hep2go that we will send to you with videos and full explanations to carry out your exercise routine. The focus is on expert advice, diagnosis and self management.

If your injury is not suitable for an online treatment we will let you know and there is no charge.